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Hi there! I'm Lisa Holt,

The heart behind Magic in Relationships Coaching.

After experiencing the transformative power of a healthy relationship, I felt compelled to share the tools and insights that could have made my own journey smoother.

As a Certified Relationship Coach and Spiritual Counselor, I specialize in guiding motivated people through experiencing the beauty of effective communication, conflict resolution, and deeper intimacy.

Join me on this exciting mystery of making love a way of life – where every session is not just virtual but experiential.

Let's explore the magic together!"

“Love is the deep, unwavering commitment to the flourishing of another human”


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Mission Statement:

"Empowering singles and couples through individualized coaching, I guide them towards profound connections and conflict-free communication, so they can experience the magic of relationships without enduring emotional drains.

Are you ready to step into a more vibrant and connected life?"

Mindset work so important when it comes to relationships

Mindset work is crucial because it shapes the way we perceive and engage in relationships.

By addressing mindset patterns, we can uncover limiting beliefs, fears, or self-sabotaging thoughts that may impact your connections.

Through targeted mindset work, we can reframe perspectives, fostering healthier relationships and empowering you to navigate the complexities of love and connection with confidence.

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Individualized Relationship Coaching Sessions:

Tailored for both singles and couples, these one-on-one coaching sessions provide personalized guidance in effective communication, conflict resolution, and fostering deeper intimacy. Explore your unique relationship dynamics and work towards your specific goals in a supportive, nontraditional, and transformative environment.

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Love Made Simple Group Transformation Programs:

Join a community of like-minded individuals in these transformative group programs. Experience the power of connection as you navigate the journey of self-discovery, improved communication, and conflict resolution. The collective energy of the group fosters meaningful connections and accelerates personal growth, creating a supportive and enriching environment.

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Relationship Clarity Workshops:

Dive into targeted workshops designed to demystify the complexities of relationships. Learn practical tools and strategies for effective communication, conflict resolution, and cultivating intimacy. These workshops offer a blend of insightful teachings, engaging activities, and a touch of magic to help individuals and couples gain clarity and confidence in their relationships.

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Download Your Free Heart-Opening Visualization

Fill the form below to get access to the Magical Love Meditation

Lisa Holt, Relationship Coach

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