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Welcome! I'm Lisa, the founder of Magic in Relationships Coaching LLC.

My journey into the realm of relationships began with a realization – the absence of guidance and tools during my own pursuit of a healthy connection.

Inspired by my own experience, I embarked on a mission to demystify relationships and offer support to those seeking transformative growth.

A pivotal moment in my life occurred when my husband and I navigated conflict together, revealing the beauty on the other side. This event ignited a passion to guide others through the intricacies of communication, conflict resolution, and the profound art of intimacy.

At the core of my coaching philosophy is the belief in making love a way of life. I empower clients with principles that extend beyond romantic relationships, influencing every aspect of their lives. My sessions, though virtual, are an immersive experience, inviting clients to immediately apply newfound skills and awareness.

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Having recognized my own need for improved communication skills in my early 20s, I committed to deepening these abilities to inspire genuine connections. My educational background includes a master's degree in counseling, certification as a life and relationship coach, and ongoing studies toward a Phd in Spiritual Counseling .

My continuous pursuit of knowledge through various courses focused on communication and leadership ensures that I bring a wealth of expertise to every session.

Join me on this exciting journey of self-discovery and relationship enhancement. Together, let's unravel the mysteries, foster deep connections, and make love a guiding force in your life."

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Lisa Holt, Relationship Coach

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